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Heartbeat / Show & Shine Classes

Camaros entered in the Heart Beat System should be registered in the class that BEST DESCRIBES the car. Cars will not be judged on the beauty of color combination, disireability of drive train, or if it has more options than another car in the class. Judges will be evaluating the overall cleanliness and detailing of the car, along with the body fit & finish, the condition of the interior, engine compartment, trunk, chassis, glass, etc. Points will be deducted for stone chips in paint and glass & bumpers, dirt in crevices, hinges, jambs, pedals, etc. Judges typically judge the undercarriage "on one knee". No mirrors or jacks shall be used in judging. Points will be deducted if car has modifications beyond those allowed in the description of the registered class; as class cannot be changed once judging has begun.

As this is a "Show and Shine" system, judges will not be inspecting code numbers. If an option or accessory was available from the factory for that year, it is acceptable that year Camaro. The exception is headers and cross-rams on early Camaros...which should be registered in Vintage Street Stock.

Cars must be located in class area or a designated adjacent area if class area is full. Heartbeat cars will not be judged in trailers, buildings, or tents; they must be in their designated class area. Judges and show staff are not responsible for locating a mis-parked car. As is for all judged classes, Heartbeat MUST be pre-registered; and only one class per car.

Due to spare tire cover alignment issues, full credit for spare tire will be awarded in all generations with factory hidden spare tires. Factory spare tire covers will not be removed during judging. Otherwise, spare tires are required for full points credit unless otherwise stated in the guidelines.

For those interested, a blank copy of a Heartbeat Score sheet, showing areas of importance, may be printed from the link below.

See below for Description of Classes, sorted by type and number of Modifications


FACTORY STOCK CLASSES - Original or restored cars in these classes must look overall stock. The highest score will be awarded to cars that look closest to as they did when they left the GM assembly line. Color and interior must have been available for that year production. (No Hugger Orange on a 67, no Sunset Orange Metallic on a 2012). Wheels, hubcaps, stripes and spoilers must also have been available for that year. Radial tires up to one size above stock ARE allowed. Three Minor changes other than above mentioned tires, are allowed before car must be moved to mild modified or lose points. Minor changes are items like grill inserts, aftermarket radios, shifters, tuner taillights, visible LED's, air cleaners, MAF or intake covers, and chrome or polished items in the engine compartment. (EACH ITEM counts as one change).

3rd Generation Camaro Convertibles, and 4th Generation "Second Sticker" SS Camaros which were modified by SLP and GMMG to Chevrolet Specifications, and with Chevrolet Warranty are considered Stock, unless turbo or supercharged, or unless additional modifications above have been made which preclude the car from being considered stock.

Non stock wheels, spoilers, & hoods; roll bars, headers, turbochargers etc. are major changes and should be automatic moves to another class. If judged in stock, they will have points deducted.

As registration can vary over the years, see Registration Form on show site or flyer for actual classes available in a given year.
Classes may be split or combined at the event, based on number of registrants in the class.

1.. 1967 - 1969 Coupe
2.. 1967 - 1969 Convertible
2A 1967 - 1969 Pace Car - may be split from Class 2 if three or more are in class, and class total exceeds 8 cars

6.. 1970 - 1981 Coupe

9.. 1982 - 1992 Coupe & Convertible
9A 1987 - 1992 Convertible - may be split from Class 9 if three or more are in class, and class total exceeds 8 cars

12 1993 - 2002 Coupe
12A - 1997 30th Anniversary LE Cp & Conv - may be split from Class 12 if three or more are in class, and class total exceeds 8 cars
12B - 2002 35th Anniversary LE Cp & Conv - may be split from Class 12 if three or more are in class, and class total exceeds 8 cars

13 1993 - 2002 Convertible

16 2010 - Present Coupe
16A - Dealer Altered Cp & Conv - may be created from Class 16, 18 & 19 for Camaros that have been altered, modified, and / or repainted by major recognized dealers. This will be done at discretion of event producer, based on registration or possible registration for the event. Verification may be required to show changes were dealer installed.
17 2010 - Present Convertible

20 6th Gen Coupe
21 6th Gen Convertible


STREET STOCK - or "Day Two" is exclusively for mostly stock first generation Camaros that are slightly modified with vintage parts & styling from when the car was new...i.e. spoilers, traction bars, vintage headers, tachometers, chrome reverse wheels, Keystone & Crager Mags, cross rams on Z's, etc. Paint, stripes, interior, engine size etc. must remain stock. Points deductions for items beyond those listed above, such as roll bars and more 'contemporary' modifications.

3.. 1967-1969 Street Stock


MILD-MODIFIED - Includes Camaros with more than three minor decorative or performance bolt-on items able to be installed by an average Camaro owner at home. Camaros are to look somewhat stock in appearance. Examples of items typically seen in this class are: custom wheels, CarbonFiber bolt-on items, LED accents, lens covers, tuner tail lights, aftermarket air cleaners, MAF covers, air boxes, intake covers, battery covers, radiator covers and shields, non stock hoses or wires, strut tower supports, short tube headers, color changes (does not have to be proper for year, but must be a Camaro color), minor stripe changes, bolt on sub-frame connectors, exhaust changes (must exit behind rear wheels), carpet changes, and dash pad covers.etc. Stock fuel injection or carburetion required. Basic integrity of body and interior is not to be changed; no cutting or welding of body, subframe, or frame. Spare Tire required for full points in these classes.

Points DEDUCTED for roll bars, long tube headers, custom paint, custom upholstery, TV's, major sound systems, sidepipes, chroming of chassis or suspension parts (other than strut braces or fender braces), non stock drive train, and non-stock carburetion.

As registration can vary over the years, see Registration Form on show site for actual classes available in a given year.
Classes may be split or combined based on number of registrants in a class.

4.. 1967 - 1969 Mild Modified
7.. 1970 - 1981 Mild Modified
10 1982 - 1992 Mild Modified
14 1993 - 2002 Mild Modified
18 2010 - Present Mild Modified
22 6th Gen - Mild Modified


MODIFIED - Includes non-stock size motors (383, 502 etc.) oversize and no-stock carbs, blowers, turbo & super chargers, aftermarket dashes and dash clusters, over and under sized tires by more than one size, mild chroming, and roll bars up to 4 mounting points. Also includes aftermarket seats; bolt-in TV's, bolt-in speakers, and bolt-on wings, hoods and "lambo doors". Minor airbrush details o.k. Spare tire required for full credit in trunk area. Drive train components must remain in stock location for this class (no tubs).

Points deducted for Radical multi color paint schemes; extensive chroming; tubular and handmade chassis; suicide and gullwing doors; chopping and frenching, extensive airbrushing, molded in TV's & sound systems, custom door panels & dash boards. molded-in wings and other body panels. (These cars should be in Touring / Custom)

5.. 1967 - 1969 Modified
8.. 1970 - 1981 Modified
11 1982 - 1992 Modified
15 1993 - 2002 Modified
19 2010 - Present Modified
23 6th Gen - Modified


Touring / Custom - Class allows hand built or custom chassis, hydraulic suspensions, heavily modified bodies and wide bodies, suicide and gullwing doors, reversed hinge hoods, chopped roofs, etc. Also includes custom paint schemes, custom interiors, dashes, molded TV's & other major electronics. Also includes early Camaros that have been fitted with late model drive trains, oversize brakes, large diameter wheels, lowered chassis, ultra plush interiors, and late model air conditioning. Spare tires are not required for full credit in this class.

26 1967 - Present Touring / Custom


Competition / Pro-Street -- Includes Camaros built for drag, oval, street, or road racing, in addition to all unlicensed Camaros. Unlimited modifications allowed in this class, including paint, slicks, tubs, narrowed rears, 5+ point cages, etc. Spare tires are not required for full credit in this class.

27 1967 - Present Competition / Pro-Street













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