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Participant Vote Classes

Participant vote classes are open to all Camaros. These classes are frequently used by owners who want to compete, but who may not want to spend mucn time preparing their car, or may not feel their Camaro would stand up to the scrutiny of the points judged classes. Participant Vote Camaros should be registered in the class that BEST DESCRIBES the car. All Camaro Nationals attendees are asked to vote for their favorite Camaros in each of following stock and modified classes, and the tallied vote decides the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners.

Unlike judged classes, Participant Vote classes do not need to be pre-registered.


STOCK CLASSES -Cars in these classes should look stock.

31 1967 - 1969 Stock
34 1970 - 1981 Stock
37 1982 - 1992 Stock
40 1993 - 2002 Stock
43 2010 - Present Stock


MILD-MODIFIED - Includes Camaros with decorative and performance bolt-on items able to be installed by an average Camaro owner at home. Camaros are to look somewhat stock in appearance. Examples of items typically seen in this class are: lens covers, tuner tail lights, aftermarket air cleaners, MAF covers, air boxes, battery covers, radiator covers, braided hoses, colored spark plug wires, strut tower supports, headers, aftermarket wheels, carbon fiber bolt ons, re-routing of exhaust. No cutting of body in this class.

32 1967 - 1969 Mild Modified
35 1970 - 1981 Mild Modified
38 1982 - 1992 Mild Modified
41 1993 - 2002 Mild Modified
44 2010 - Present Mild Modified

MODIFIED / CUSTOM - Unlimited Modifications and alterations.

33 1967 - 1969 Modified / Custom
36 1970 - 1981 Modified / Custom
39 1982 - 1992 Modified / Custom
42 1993 - 2002 Modified / Custom
45 2010 - Present Modified / Custom

FIREBIRD CLASSES - Stock and Modified cars will be combined in these classes. They are broken down by generation. The classes may be split further into stock and modified or into individual generations if the classes are large enough.

51 1967 - 1981 Early Firebird Stock and Modified
52 1982 - 2002 Late Firebird Stock and Modified













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