About the Nationals

The Camaro Nationals are produced by The American Camaro Association, Inc., which is comprised of a group of Camaro owners, who volunteer their time for the good of the hobby.  The ACA originally formed in 1998 after the Camaro Street Nationals East ended, after thirteen year in the Pocono Mountain area of PA.  As one of the reasons the Street Nationals ended was the limited availability of large hotels, the first Camaro Nationals were held in August of 1999, at the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania.  We arranged to have space during what was then called Summer Carlisle, an automotive flea market date along with motorcycles, and some foreign cars.  Due to the August heat, we changed dates several times, and as the show grew, Carlisle Productions created the GM Nationals and staged the other GM brands around our cars.  The Camaro Nationals remained at Carlisle through 2010. 

In 2011, members of the Maryland Camaro Club agreed to add additional support to the show, and the Camaro Nationals along with the Camaro Nationals were incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania.   A new location was considered, and after considering many locations and factors, the event was moved to the Frederick Fairgrounds, in Frederick Maryland, south of Gettysburg, PA. 

After starting in the heat of August, moving to the heat of late July…we finally settled on the month of June.  As there are other large Camaro events in the beginning of June, and the beginning of July; we settled in on mid-June.  Father’s Day seemed like a great idea, local car shows on Father’s Day get good turnout…..but after a 2 or 3 year try, we found that it was not a good choice, as it eliminated a visit with Dad for the entire weekend.  The show was then moved to the weekend following Father’s Day, and has remained there since.

Some of our supporting Clubs…..

Upstate C5 New York
South Eastern GM Toyz
Nasty Z/28
Delaware Valley Riverfront Camaro Club
American Camaro Association
Lehigh Valley Camaro Club
35th LE.com
Chirp Third.com
Ontario Camaro Club
Country Camaro F-Body Group
Long Island Camaro Club
Hudson Valley Classics
Hudson Valley Camaro Club
Virginia Camaro Club
Modern Camaro.com
Fredericksburg Classic & Muscle Car Club
Embalmers Car Club.com
Eastern Panhandle Camaro Association
Central Ohio Camaro Club
Gateway Camaro Club
South Jersey Camaro Club
Classic Camaros of the Carolina’s
Northeast Ohio Camaro Club
New Jersey F-Body Owners Association
Mid-Atlantic Camaro Club
Southern Maryland Camaro Club
Heart of Maryland Classic Chevy Club
Golden Gears Car Club