Legends Conours Judged Classes (5000 Point)

Legend Concours Class
The Legend Class is an, annual concours competition, for first and second generation Camaros; and is based on progressive improvement over a one to three year period.  Entrants compete against a maximum number of points availabel for their particular car, and not against other cars in the class.  Cars to be considered must have all original VIN tags and cowl tags in place, and those tags must be fully readable and unaltered.  Likewise, all numbered components will be checked to be sure that they are correct for that model and year Camaro.  To score well, all major components of hte drive train will be original to the car.  Most entrants to this class are full frame-off restorations, or low milage, unmolested unrestored cars.

A 1969 Hugger Orange Z/28 during the Legends Classundercarriage inspection.

As this stock restored class goes into detail beyond the scope of many participants, Camaros entering this class must be qualified by previous participation in class 57/58 L (Bow Tie), or at owners option and expense; by inspection by one of the concurs judges prior to entry. This requirement is in place to save expense and time of those not familiar with this system, and to prevent assigning the limited number of Legend spaces to unqualified cars; thus preventing qualified cars from participating.

There are two divisions to Legend…Restored and Unrestored. Most entrants will be in the restored division. Cars which are true survivors – cars that have been virtually untouched, and maintained for safety only, are canditates for the Unrestored division. Again, all numbers, components and finishes will be evaluated in both divisions.

Obviously, matching numbers are required on all marked components. This is an extremely thorough system; all parts will be evaluated as to correctness, originality, finish, and condition. Cars must achieve a minimum score to continue in the system the following year; and must achieve a score of 95% within three years to complete the Legend system. If a car achieves a score of 95% in, or prior to, the third year, it achieves a Gold and does not need to return for additional judging. We do however, have Camaros with 95+% scores, return for their third year, to attempt an even higher score, and possibly acheive a Platinum (98+%) award.

If interested in this class, contact A.C.A. or the Camaro Nationals as soon as possible, as space is limited to returning Camaros plus a limited number of new entries. Space is limited in this class based on the number of qualified judges available, and the extreme length of time it takes to evaluate the cars. The show producers reserve the right to determine the exact number of cars and their generations based on the above factors. Accepted entrants may request a blank copy of the scoring sheet to assist in final preparation of their car. All owners wishing to compete in this class must complete a Pre-Qualification Form listing appropriate part numbers and manufacturing dates of various parts from their Camaro. This form will be used to help determine the accuracy of the restoration and will become part of the judging file. Actual acceptance of a Camaro into the class will be based on:

  1. Date of receipt of paid registration;
  2. Knowledge of the quality of the Camaro based on previous showing in the Bow Tie class, or by first hand knowledge of one of the concours judges;
  3. Information gained from the Pre-Qualification Form;  prequalform
  4. Technical inspection on Thursday or Friday of the event.

The tech inspection is held to confirm operation of all components and options that are installed on the car, (liquid tire chains will not be deployed, if installed), and to confirm that the car appears to have been restored to class standards. Although the above steps are designed to help insure that accepted Camaros are likely to exceed the minimum requirements of the class, there are no assurances. If the technical inspection brings up any major concerns about the Camaro not being up to concours standards, the car may move to Bow Tie class before actual judging begins, and have the monetary difference refunded.

Class Number Breakdown for Legends:

61 Legend Class – 1967 – 1969 Original Unrestored Camaros
62 Legend Class – 1970 – 1974 Original Unrestored Camaros
63 Legend Class – 1967 – 1969 Concours Restored Camaros
64 Legend Class – 1970 – 1981 Concours Restored Camaros

Actual Judging Information for Legends Class

The owner or the Camaro must be available during the time of judging in order to drive the car between the staging area, body judging area, and the lift, for chassis judging. The Camaro must obviously be able to move under it’s own power. Judges and show staff wil not move or drive the Camaro. Owner should also be available to assist or answer questions of the judges concerning specific areas of the restoration. Questions from the owners should be kept to a minimum during the judging, as such questions can break a judges concentration, and extend the already lengthy time of judging the class. Questions are best addressed after the show, when the owner has the final score sheet in hand. Often the questions take care of themselves when the score sheet is reviewed.

Judges evaluate a beautiful Burgundy 1969 Camaro.

Any and all displays must be removed from the car during the judging, as judges will need to full access to the car. Camaros will be judged based on the accepted condition of the cars as they would have been at the time of final inspection at Van Nuys or Norwood assembly plants. Points will be deducted for factory installed options or accessories that were not available for that year Camaro. “Burden of Proof” of availability of said option rests with the owner of the car. Judges will have final word on scoring of non-original equipment that is deemed added for safety reasons. In no case should this additional equipment alter the natural stock appearance of the car.

Legends Scoring System

The Legend system is broken down into five areas; operation, exterior, interior, chassis/mechanical systems, and bonus points.

Each of the first four areas is further broken down into the individual components to be checked. Each component then has two point scores. One for its originality, and one for its condition. Parts and components that are judged to be original will receive full point credit for originality, no matter what condition they are in. Condition points will then be applied based on its level of quality, detail, or restoration. Some originality points must be assigned in order for a particular part/component to receive any condition points. As condition points are assigned independently, the highest possible score for an item/component would arise from an unquestionably original part in like new condition. The maximum available condition points will not be awarded for “over restored” items, or items that are beautified beyond the original appearance of the part as it was assembled at the Norwood or Van Nuys plants. It is generally recommended that good original parts be cleaned and detailed as necessary, and then reinstalled, unless an even better replacement part can be located. Reproduction items should only be used when an existing part is virtually destroyed or missing, and good used or NOS replacements are not available.

Camaro Nationals Judging staff back in 1999.

Bonus points are given for certain forms of documentation pertaining to the car. Examples are the original window sticker, build sheet, protect-o-plate, dealer invoice, etc. The number of bonus points is limited. It is recommended that quality color photocopies be brought along for judging purposes, with the actual documentation kept in a safe place away from the car, for possible inspection if required. We do not want to risk loss or damage of original paperwork during the judging process.

Legends Scoring Results

As stated previously, this is a progressive improvement system, which can take up to three years to complete. It is directed at a finale of a near-perfect Camaro achieving in excess of 95% of it’s attainable score. This percentage will be the car’s points assigned, plus any bonus points; compared to the maximum number of points available for that car. In order to place, cars must achieve a minimum score of 82% of the points available for their car.

83.0% – 87.99% will receive a Bronze Award
88.0% – 94.99% will receive a Silver Award
95.0% – 97.99% will receive a Gold Award
98.0% & above will receive a Platinum Award

As stated previously, when a car scores 95% or above, it has fullfilled the designs of the class and does not need to return. Some car owners may choose to return within the three year window, and attempt to achieve the Platinum Award, even though they have fullfilled the needs of the class.

When a Camaro receives an award in the Legend class, it is designated a ‘Heritage’ Camaro. With that designation, it will not be eligible for showing in the standard judging classes for a period of five years, but will be eligible to show in any display or any other special classes. Awards are presented to the owner of record at time of judging. If a Camaro that is enrolled in the Legend system is sold, the new owner can continue in the system uninterrupted, as the scoring is tied to the VIN number of the car, and not the owner of the car.

Scoring results will be announced at the Awards Ceremony, and a plaque presented. An engraved plate will be sent later, noting the year, model, VIN# of the Camaro, along with the registered owner’s name & hometown. A copy of the car’s scoring sheets will be forwarded to the owner about six weeks after the show.

If your Camaro is a concours quality resotration, we would love to see you in this class.